05/18/19: Catalog Update
I've recently completed a 38 page trading book, FOREX Theoretical Scalping Analysis and Execution. This deals with identifying and dealing with anomalies that I've found in my own trading between using long term trading process as opposed to what I do: short term scalping.

02/28/19: Catalog Update
Well, not only have I still been busy trading, but I've been back writing some new documents about trading. One in particular, FOREX The Single Blade of Grass, deals with a market anomaly that has cost me literally thousands of dollars. I've also written 2, 30 page introductory trading study guides that I'm testing out with a couple of folks who are currently learning trading from me. I didn't include them in the catalog because the information is redundant to other more comprehensive works that I've done.

05/01/18: More Trading; Less Writing About It!
Unfortunately, once I got into trading a live FOREX account in 2017, I found I was missing some fairly complex market anomalies that ended up almost taking my account to the wood. I never had a mentor to show me what to look for, and so I had to learn the hard way what I was missing by losing a lot of money when I switched over to a live account. My focus for the last few years has thus been on fixing my trading than writing about it! I did begin to summarize a lot of what I've learned in a current work in progress, Trading Lessons Learned From Failure

07/20/16: Long Time Updating!
I can't believe it's been 2 years since my last post! Lack of posting is not an indication of lack of writing, however! Since then, I've been very busy writing (and trading) in the foreign currency markets. I developed a series of 5 FOREX foreign currency trading courses in 2016 not only so that I could help others in their trading, but also to help me organize my own trading methodologies.