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Peter Rose

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Various works with different voices, tones, and styles

The Currency of Money
323 pages - 2006
In his quest to take the next big step up in clients, stock broker and trader Kyle Manning succumbs to the lure of power from one of the worlds richest financiers for whom he hopes to close the biggest deal of his life. Things become more complicated as he also begins a dangerous business relationship with a group of hard nosed businessmen who plan to use him as a pawn in their own schemes. In this fast paced world of high finance and deal making, he doesn't see the wolves circling around him - both sides using him to take down the other.

Too Late For Later
396 pages - 2008
On a vacation to Nevada, Chicago stock broker Alex Brady witnesses the killing of an outlaw biker who he learns has the same name as his largest client, Barry Cramer. Strange though the coincidence seems, he puts it out of his mind, returns to work, and to a dinner meeting with Cramer and his seductive Latino girlfriend Angelica Vargas. In an offhand manner during dinner, he mentions to Cramer what happened. Several days later, he receives a heart stopping visit from Angelica, and things start to go horribly wrong from there. Finding themselves caught between Cramer and a person even more formidable than Cramer, Ramon de la Vacca, Brady realizes they can't go to the police with what they know, or they will both be killed. He has to outwit Cramer and de la Vacca with the only weapons he has: his cunning and his skill in the markets.

Forced Choices
93 pages in progress
First draft of first half of a dramatic romance novel set in modern day concerning an older woman's struggle and recovery from her failed marriage after suffering a near fatal car accident.

2 page teaser
Totally different voice than I have ever tried before; rapid fire view of character not being able to breathe and teasing the reader as to why and how he came to be in that situation using flashes of his past life as he lies gasping for breath on the ground.

Non-Fiction and General Topics
The following is a list of some of the major general writings that I have done. All are either fully completed manuscripts or first draft complete.

The Helpless Single Guy's Guide To Interior Decorating
211 pages in progress - 2005
Using the principles of scientific research and the development of a business project plan, the book gives a clear step by step approach to how even helpless ordinary people can decorate their home and bring out the true warmth of their personality.

The Helpless Single Guy's Guide To Cooking
20 pages in progress - 2006
Just couldn't stand it anymore. I have such a good time cooking for my Peter's Sunday Party For One that I wanted to share the basics of cooking practice for those who have been eating out of a can and thinking that there was no way they could ever cook a decent meal from scratch

The Helpless Single Guy's Guide To Living Alone With Flair
40 pages in progress - 2006
A forty page outlined start to a detailed process of living alone with a sense of purpose other than just living alone.

Backgammon For The Rest Of Us
204 pages in progress - 2004
Geared toward the casual experienced backgammon player to bring forth the rich strategic implications of the game as the key criteria to enjoyment of the game as opposed to the more common tactical approach.

Writing Fiction For The Rest Of Us
190 pages - 2013
This is exactly the kind of book I wish I had when I set out to write a novel. I needed to know what the key concepts were for expressing my story idea so that a reader would have an enjoyable experience. I learned all of these things the hard way. I struggled through dozens of books on creative writing, and I wrote and re-wrote literally thousands of pages over the course of four years and three novels. And that was in addition to several book length manuscripts of informational, martial arts, technical, and philosophical writing I had done before getting into fiction writing. But despite all of that 'work', I still turned out fiction writing that was trash which only my pet dog, if I had a pet dog, might appreciate for purposes other than reading. The book shows those key things I found along the way that just killed my own writing. They are common mistakes. Major mistakes. They are mistakes you absolutely must be aware of and know how to deal with before you set out.

Theory of Happiness
57 pages - 2007
Drawing upon the laws of Nature explained through the combined sciences of mathematics, physics, genetics, and information theory, I show how, from a scientific standpoint, that if we don't actively choose to be happy, then we are doomed and inexorably destined to not be happy.

Swimming Against the Aether
100 pages - 2016
Based on a B.S. degree in Physics, 30 years as a Senior Software Business Applications Development Engineer, 45 years in the martial arts achieving Grandmaster level, a lifetime of involvement with philosophical and meditative process, and the study of all of nature, I offer a unique view of our lives, and how we can come into harmony with ourselves, and ultimately within the flow of all of the Nature around us. I began working on this 03/22/14 just after beginning my mentoring business LiveNow Adult Life Mentoring on 01/01/14.

Carnival of Tears
200 pages - 1971
Hundreds of rhythmic prose poems on life, expectation, and observations of nature.

Commodity Price Behavior and Money Management Techniques.
150 pages - 1983
A technical analysis of commodity price behavior showing that there can be high expectation of trading success despite the generally accepted randomness of market behavior. Integrated throughout is a discussion of how effective money management is as important as understanding the price behavior itself.

Martial Arts
General writings about or for the martial arts mostly for my students.

Theoretical and Applied Karate
140 pages - 1974
Written as part of my work and efforts leading to promotion to the 5th Degree Black Belt Master level in karate. Covers a broad range of martial arts topics with concentration on explaining the science, math and physics behind generating power in karate technique.

A Master Speaks
30 pages - 1976
A series of short Socratic type dialogs between a martial arts master and his student. Combines a mix of Western practical philosophy with Eastern wisdom.

Cane Use For Health and Protection
90 pages - 2008
Text complete though will contain an additional 30 to 40 pages of pictures.
Guide to the cane: what it is and how it can be used not only for self defense purposes but also the correct use of the cane for those who have leg injuries or mobility issues as well as a general tool to help those unable to exercise normally for stretching and muscle tone development.

FOREX Foreign Currency Trading
In 2007 I stumbled onto the FOREX market and was immediately struck with its characteristics that no other market could match. I immediately set out on not only a comprehensive study of this market, but also writing thousands and thousands of lines of computer programming simulation, analysis, and trading.

Tales Of A Yard Dog FOREX Trader
221 pages - 2013
I've been studying the financial markets since the early 1980s and writing computer simulation software for about as long. In 2007 I began investigating the FOREX foreign currency market, and shortly after that, began writing what would would be a series of complex computer applications around trading. After opening and blowing out of 2 live accounts, I had to re-evaluate what I was doing. I began a several year study of the trading process in a simulated account, and then running computer analysis over those trades. As I began to develop my methodology, I started informally writing my thoughts on trading down in June of 2013. This became an effort to write an entire book. Though I took some of my new ideas and began writing Swinging For The FOREX Fence, I continue to pick away at this one as well.

Swinging For The FOREX Fence
160 pages - 2014
After many years of studying specifically the FOREX foreign currency markets, on August 8 of 2013, I put aside my work on Tales Of A Yard Dog FOREX Trader and began to lay out a foundation of principles for trading the FOREX markets for maximum gain. I discuss critical information and give insight as to how ordinary people who take the time to investigate, study, and understand the opportunities available to them in the currency markets can take a small amount of money and generate not only impressive gains, but also extraordinary profits.

Trading Lessons Learned From Failure
90 pages - 2018
Trading Lessons Learned From Failure chronicles my journey in learning to trade the currency markets in the manner articulated by Jesse Livermore: "The only way you get a real education in the market is to invest cash, track your trade, and study your mistakes."

FOREX Mathematical Rule Based Trading
90 pages - 2018
The purpose of this analysis is to derive a mathematically sound trade execution pattern that results in per trading day average profit of 1% of assets risked.

FOREX The Single Blade of Grass
32 pages - 2019
I looked back on my 50 years of martial arts training and made a connection to what was happening to me in the currency markets with that of the Chinese Hung Gar technique called The Single Blade of Grass.

FOREX Trading Reverse Engineered
47 pages - 2019
Discusses the process of reverse engineering trading into a tightly bounded problem domain, identifying it’s primary components, and then arranging those components into an efficient process model.

FOREX Theoretical Scalping Analysis and Execution
38 pages - 2020
Deals with identifying and dealing with anomalies that I've found in my own trading between using long term trading process as opposed to what I do: short term scalping.

Forex Trading: A Speculators View
55 pages - 2020
Deals with how the trading educational process is flawed, particularly in preparing students for the overall necessary skills of quick decision making that is necessary for a speculator to have.

FOREX Currency Trading Immersion Course Series
I developed a series of FOREX currency trading courses in 2016 and 2017 not only so that I could help others in their trading, but also to help me organize my own trading methodologies.

FOREX Currency Trading Considerations
100 pages - 2018, 2019, 2020
Provides a general overview of the FOREX foreign currency markets and how to prepare to trade them. It assumes that you are familiar with the general concepts of trading, and in particular what the currency markets are.

Position Entry Analysis
31 pages - 2018
Discusses 4 tactical component trade entry components which will form the bulk of price action patterns that will be discussed in subsequent courses.

Risk Reward Analysis
30 pages - 2018
Consists of discussing not only the conventional approach of evaluating the viability of a trade, but also of a different, "inverted" analysis of the standard, "best practices", risk to reward ratio.

FOREX Currency Market Theoretical Wave Analysis
22 pages - 2018
Discusses how price movement analysis can be modeled on the mathematics of waves, in particular the formation of transverse ocean waves as opposed to waves that are formed as longitudinal or surface in structure.

Developing a FOREX Currency Trading Methodology
26 pages - 2018
Discusses a simple but very specific FOREX market trading plan that is then implemented through an associated trading methodology.

Trading Rules
54 pages - 2018
Consists of a set of trading rules for the FOREX foreign currency markets. These rules are simply stated as such and have no supporting discussions as to how the rules came to be or what motivation created them. They are simply statements of a process of trading the foreign currency markets.

Advanced FOREX Currency Trading Analysis
90 pages - 2018
Assumes fluency in not only trading principles, but also currency markets in general. Though the methodology can be applied to any market, this work is strictly concerned with the FOREX foreign currency markets, their characteristics, and how to trade them.

LCT FOREX Trading Program
In 2021 I abstracted out major elements from the FOREX Currency Trading Immersion Course Series into the Longwood Currency Trading FOREX Trading Program which is comprised of 3 separate self contained courses totaling just under 400 pages that progressively walk a student through the analysis and skills development in each of the 3 phases of the life cycle of a currency position: Entry Analysis, Position Management, and Exit Methodology.

LCT Foundations FOREX Training
140 pages - 2018
Provides a cohesive instructional path through 7 lessons, or 'phases'. The course is geared for someone either relatively new to trading, or someone more experienced who needs to just go back and establish a new baseline of process; maybe resolving bad habits, reliance on indicators, or just exhausted with so much information they can't separate out what's needed from what's simply ancillary to the real objectives they have.

LCT Principles of Trading FOREX
128 pages - 2018
Presents a very simple and straight forward methodology of trading the FOREX foreign currency market based on a set of core principles, rather than on just information.

LCT Process Oriented FOREX Trading
88 pages - 2019
Presents a very simple and straight forward methodology of trading based on process oriented principles. These principles are designed specifically to address the overall timing of the implementation of the mechanics of trading.

Technical Writing
The following are some of the more extensive writings I have done in technology - specifically on Object Oriented practice using the Java programming language.

Applied Object Oriented Analysis, Design, and Programming With Java
250 pages - 1989
A beginner's guide to the basics of object oriented analysis and design concentrating on the development of an integrated and yet discrete set of collaborating Java objects to fulfill the goals of the project's statement of problem domain.

Object Oriented Systems Collaboration and Messaging In Java
140 pages - 2002
An advanced look at complex inter and intra object communication and messaging in an object oriented environment using the Java programming language.

Common Sense Object Oriented Requirements Analysis
120 pages - 2003
As the first step in any Object Oriented Software Development Life Cycle, gathering specific user requirements is an absolute necessary skill. What is generally missed is that user requirements goes beyond what the user wants. The analyst must learn why the user wants what they want. This manuscript tries to guide the analyst through a process of forming questions to draw requirements out of the user that the user may even be unaware that will be necessary for the success of the project.

Object Oriented Software Applications Architecture
23 page starting draft - 2003
Without a careful eye toward the overall software architecture of a project or system, the code base can rapidly deteriorate into chaos making later bug fixing and enhancement cost prohibitive due to the complexity of refactorings required.

Designing Efficient Business Service Objects
20 page article - 2002
Besides being discrete, objects must be able to interact with and be interacted with other objects in the system. To build a robust object system, the developer must be fully aware of the different types of objects in a system and what each type's overall responsibility is. This document's intent is to provide a set of simple guidelines for the development of business objects that clearly demonstrate highly cohesive and loosely coupled behavior.

Object Oriented Design Methodology
33 page article - 2002
Specific topics dealing with the design and development of complex web and client server projects using Object Oriented technology

Thoughts on Software Engineering
5 page article - 2002
In October of 2001, I was contacted by a job search firm to write an article on my experiences and thoughts as a software engineer for their website clients.

Object Oriented Best Practices
10 page article - 2002
There are a number of well-established best practices for writing object-oriented systems in Java. This paper describes some of those.

Effective Use of Java Object Constructors
5 page article - 2002
Short analysis of best practice use of Java class constructors as a code development standard.

Designing Effective Object Responsibility Separation
10 page article - 2002
The purpose of this article is to show how to design a system of objects that fulfill the solution of one part of an application's problem domain, and to demonstrate how to not only effectively delegate object responsibility among them but also to decouple the objects from each other.

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