Current Picture Hi, I'm Peter Rose, and welcome to my writing web site.

I've been writing my whole life. I have a passion, almost a need, to express myself in words on paper.

In the past, I wrote just for myself and for my own education and fulfillment than I did with a thought for publication. I learn by writing about what I do, and so all of what I wrote for years was with this in mind. You can see the diversity of the work I've done on the Catalog of Works page.

Though I think I've said about all I care to in the technical arena of software applications development, I continue some new work in nonfiction and martial arts. However, since 2006 I've been focusing on writing fiction as I find the process exhilarating.

To be able to take my thoughts, organize them, and put them down onto paper so that you are informed, entertained, or emotionally impacted to the extent that you remember me past next Tuesday is more than just a treat; it is my honor as a writer.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting,