08/20/20: Combining Some of the Trading Courses
In going through some of the past currency trading course and seminar books that I've written, I became dissatisfied with the manner in which some sections were repetitive of other writing. I decided to edit and then combine all of these works into into 7 complete books forming the 350 pages of the LCT FOREX Currency Trading Immersion Course Series.

11/15/21: Creating The LCT FOREX Trading Program
The Longwood Currency Trading FOREX Trading Program is comprised of 3 separate self contained courses totaling just under 400 pages that progressively walk a student through the analysis and skills development in each of the 3 phases of the life cycle of a currency position: Entry Analysis, Position Management, and Exit Methodology.

01/10/22: Can I Get This Self Published!
Oh... my... goshhhhh... I wrote my financial thriller Too Late For Later back in 2008. As my second book of fiction, I felt it had a little better pacing to it, and that would be the one I'd lead with to try to get published. Tried is the operative word, and it was a miserable experience. I tried again a couple of times over the years, but just met with frustration. I hate, as in hate marketing, and so just put it aside. I think it's a terrific book, and it should be enjoyed by others. I decided that I'd work on self publishing it this year, and just be happy if 5 people buy it. So, amongst all of my work in the FOREX currency market I'm going to try to get this thing self published! Stay tuned!